Free Your Spirit ... and never give up!

Posted by Brianna Lester on

Boy has it been crazy around here lately... we've got so much going on, we basically had to fall off the face of the earth to get it done!

But there is one thing I have learned this week... don't give up! There will be many times in your life when you just can't go anymore... when there is no possible way that you can work another minute.. or practice another minute.. moments when you know you need to sleep, but you can't or moments when you regret your mistakes and you wish you wasn't wherever you are at that moment or you question yourself and what you're doing and even why are you doing it..... but don't give up!

Life is a beautiful mess.. and the God Lord showed me that this week. Regardless of what he throws your way, regardless of what you're going through or how someone treats you... he loves you and there isn't anything that you can't get through without his grace!

So stay at it and keep going... never give up!


XOXOXOXO - Brianna