I love this time of year!

Posted by Brianna Lester on

We all have memories that we hold close to our heart... good ones or bad ones, we never forget them. This time of year especially floods my brain with so many memories. The day temperatures are just right and at night, it barely gets chilly. I remember trail riding at the valley this time of year; you could get a sun burn with a tank top on during the day and by time you were ready to go to town.... you were looking for a jacket. I freaking love it!!

For some reason, this time of year also makes me think of my granny. There is no particular event or reason why, but the weather around it is carefree and joyful.. easy going... just like her. It makes me miss her so much. When me and my sister were little, her idea of having fun was getting us out of school to ride around Eden at the mobile home dealership.. she thought it was the coolest thing to go inside all of the brand new homes to look inside. She didn't care about going to spend money, or buying things... she could care less about the newest and coolest things to do.... laughing and having fun no matter where we were or what we were doing; was the only thing she cared about. One time.. I remember going to the Dollar store to buy candy and drinks... we would sneak them in her purse on the way to see a movie.. when Eden had a theatre.

See my granny wasn't poor.. but she certainly didn't have a lot of money, so she had to make do with what she did have. She was once married to a very abusive husband, (my grand-father, who I have never met).. she literally left him with three kids and $20 in her pocket. She worked 3 jobs to make ends meat, put my Aunt through college and managed to survive. I credit her for my strong will, its women like her that we need more of in this world. Yeah, we can pop babies out and raise families, but women are a force to be reckoned with... because we can survive! We can protect what is ours and nurture it with the same hands. We are the matriarchs of our families and when times get tough... we make it work!

I hope you are reading this Norma Jean...  RIP! I miss you so much and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Thank you for the memories you gave me, and thank you Lord for this beautiful time of year, when I get to reflect and appreciate everything you did for me! It keeps me going everyday! Love ya Granny!