5 Star The Performer 32 x 32

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5 Star Performer Western Saddle pad is a fully supportive, round-skirted 100% virgin wool pad. Used for Ropers, Cutters, Reins, Trail Riders, or have a Larger Skirt, this pad wicks away moisture, cleans up easily (try out the 5 Star Dry Sponge), and stabilizes saddle with limited cinching. Slightly rounded to make room for the hip. Wear leathers provide additional durability and support. Beloved by riders and horses alike, you'll absolutely love the craftsmanship and quality for your own use!

Product Details:

  • Round skirt Western pad
  • 32"x32" standard size
  • 7/8" thickness
  • Recommend to clean with 5 Star Cleaner and Soak and/or 5 Star Dry Sponge
  • In order to fit the correct fit, 5 Star recommends 1" - 2" of pad showing around the perimeter of saddle
  • Color: Natural
  • Made in the USA